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My sister also noticed the response of my dick and the glistening of the string of precum that was now hanging from the tip of my dick.

"Ronald Brubaker" (2018-08-04)

Removing her foot out of my chest, until I could respond to her question, my sister, leaned forward in her chair far enough to use her finger to catch the precum. . Without saying another word, while keep eye, my sister slipped off her chair, kneeled between my legs, opened her mouth, and in one slow motion took my entire dick to her mouth. She did not quit pulling my dick into her mouth until her nose was pushing against my bald pubic region.

The next shock came when I felt her tongue as she licked my balls until she pulled back, releasing only half of my dick before going forward again to replicate her prior actions.

She introduced my dick using a gentle pop, then licked her lips, before she began licking my entire dick head.

I was still speechless and stayed that way as my sister stood up, straddled me because I sat in the seat, took my dick in one of her hands, pointed it in her pussy, and slowly, slowly, gradually, slid her moist, bald, sexy, tight as a glove, pussy back on my now tougher than metal dick.

After obtaining my dick all the way inside her pussy, my sister kissed me full on her lips, seemed deeper into my eyes, asked if I prefer her pussy or her own panties?

She did not give me a chance to answer the question, she replied for me. Her answer was more of an ultimatum. You wish to continue to put on my panties, the pussy and the remainder of my body comes with them. Then she began to slowly ride my dick up and down, side to side, and some other way she could share her wonderful pussy with me.

As my sister was supplying me one of the very best pussy dick remedies I'd ever gotten, I place one of her tits in my mouth and the other in my palms. I sucked and licked in my sister's tit and fat spiral as if my life depended on it.

Together with her mouth close to my ear I could feel that her erotically warm breath on my ear because my sister moaned her climax. When her orgasm was finished my sister pushed her pussy all the way back on my dick and leaned forward, pressing her DD tits into my chest and hugging me.

We all sat there quietly, neither of us moving.

I could feel the heat of my sister's breath in my neck. I also got the pleasure of feeling the warmth of her sexy pussy juice running down my hairy balls and massaging my sister's underwear that was pushed down beneath my balls. .

I had not cum so my dick remained entirely vertical, wrapped in my own sister's hot pussy.

Reaching behind her , my sister touched my hands which were wrapped around her back, directed them down till my hands were on her tight buttocks cheeks. I took the sign that she wanted me to rub the company, smooth, cheeks of her 40+ buttocks.

This was my pleasure.

Putting her arms around me, my sister began caressing my back going down and up, mostly in a downward motion. When she reached the waist band of the panties she slid a finger from each hand inside the waist and rubbed my bare ass.

It was a grinding movement. As she ground her pussy down on my dick I could listen to and feel of her hot juices squishing, also feel the hot juice soaking my balls along with her panties. My sister could feel them too. The longer my sister moved around the more of her juice came out of her pussy to yank on my balls along with her panties.

My sister did not talk until after she began moving her pussy up and down my dick. I reacted by pushing my desperate amateurs dick back to the depths of the hot pussy. This pushed more juice out, onto my balls

With her hot breath on my neck, my sister advised me with her ultimatum; if I needed to continue to put on her panties that her pussy as well as the remainder of her comes together.

I told her that I happily accept and will probably be wearing her panties everyday and even shifting panties a few times each day. She then explained for the rest of my visit and future visits I could wear the panties that I take from her body.

I agreed and her pussy motion increased in range. She was raising up until my dick head remained in her pussy, and then my sister could slide all the way back down until she was grinding her butt with mine, burying my dick completely in her pussy.

She continued this movement while my hands continued to caress and squeeze her tight smooth and creamy ass cheeks.

As my sister chose to ride me, '' she again reminded me of the ultimatum, then said that she's more fluids to share with me once I'm ready. I wasn't sure exactly what other fluid my sister had been referring to, but I had been willing to find out and I let her know by hammering and pulling my dick in and out of her juicy pussy a few times. This brought out of her pussy juice to soak my balls and her panties.

After kissing my throat my sister started slowly licking my throat as she continued to ride my hard dick. desperate amateurs I pushed my dick in her again.

As I pulled my dick out I felt pressure and hotter fluid, moving faster and quite a bit more than her sexy pussy juice. Every time my sister would ride up to the tip of my dick I could feel and hear how the fluid splashing from my pubic region. The dash was such a turn on. Together with the sense of the heat out of the fluid which was splashing on my groin, soaking my lower body from incredible warmth and the heat of her hot pussy juice, then I did not survive much more.

As my sister chose to urine on me and ride my dick like her life depended upon it, I started to shoot a load which mixed in with her sexy flowing pussy juices and the sensual warmth out of her hot piss. My cum shot out in a continuous flow, a significant load, my sister over filled, tight pussy could not contain.

Much as my sister has been getting her orgasm she continued to give me multiple senses all at precisely the identical time; her hot breath in my neck as she moaned out her orgasm, the texture of her tits pressed tightly against my chestalong with her hard enough to cut his nipples her hands rubbing on my panty covered ass, my sister's pussy riding my hard dick, my sister's hot urine flowing from her hot pussy, mixed with her sexy pussy juice and now my cum, the entire world was a much greater spot.

She kissed my neck and nibbled my ear lobe until she put back and looked me in the eye. My sister reminded me of the ultimatum as her hands guided my eyes out of her throat, down across the valley of her tits that looked even larger down her flat stomach to the top of her pussy where she ceased, pointed a finger then squeezed out the last fall of her warm urine.



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