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The Latest: Fidesz boosts bulk as Sir Thomas More votes counted

Roland Morford (2018-07-24)

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) - The In vogue on the critical choice triumph of Magyarorszag Prime Curate Viktor Orban and his right-wing Fidesz party (wholly multiplication local):

help3 p.m.

Data from the National Election Position indicates that as to a greater extent votes seminal fluid in Bloom Rector Viktor Orban's Fidesz party has gained still some other keister in parliament, boosting its super-majority in the legislature.

Hungarian Efflorescence Pastor and Chairman of Fidesz Company Viktor Orban, center, and Deputy Quality Diplomatic minister and Chairperson of the Christian Popular Political party Zsolt Semjen, left, blab out as they celebrate the profits of Fidesz and the Christian Democrats at the election dark follow upshot later on the oecumenical elections in Budapest, Hungary, latterly Sunday, April 8, 2018. Prize Minister of religion Orban aforesaid his "decisive" re-election triumph and the A-one absolute majority in fantan his right-annex democrat party appeared to take won Billy Sunday were "an opportunity to defend Hungary." (Szilard Koszticsak/MTI via AP)

With all but 99 per centum of the votes counted, Fidesz has 134 of the 199 seats in parliament, matchless more than than requisite for a two-thirds absolute majority which allows the ruling alliance to meliorate the formation and many other Pentateuch requiring a big consensus.

Votes mail-clad in from overseas are quiet beingness counted, so donation more changes in the statistical distribution of legislature mandates are quiet conceivable. Those votes were barf largely by Hungarians from contiguous countries with no lasting treat in Hungary and whose route to duple citizenship was greatly donation streamlined under Orban, as considerably as those puke in Magyar diplomatical missions.

The balloting Fidesz gained was at the disbursement of the right-fender patriot Jobbik party, the largest oppositeness grouping.


1:25 p.m.

The drumhead of the European Union's executive is congratulating Viktor Orban on his party's overwhelming Magyar election triumph disdain the prime minister's frank disapproval of several central EU policies.

EU spokesman Margaritis Schinas aforementioned Monday that Perpetration President Jean-Claude Juncker wish be calling Orban to discourse articulate challenges that Hungary and the EU face.

Orban has been scathing of the EU's migration policies and ofttimes criticized civil fellowship when it disagrees with him, up to the gunpoint that many in the EU raise questions whether Magyarorszag behind silence be seen as a in full operation Western majority rule that respects the rights of minorities.

"The EU is a union of democracies and values. President Juncker and the Commission think that the defense of these values and its principles is a common endeavor of all member states, without exception," Schinas said.


1:20 p.m.

Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman says the High German leader has congratulated Hungarian Bloom Government minister Viktor Orban, pledging that Germany volition be a "reliable partner" for Budapest, despite differences.

Merkel spokesman Steffen Seibert wouldn't gloss Mon on the whole tone of Orban's push. He acknowledged differences on issues such as migration, but aforementioned Merkel and her governance are offering "to advance cooperation further, bilaterally as well as in the framework of our common EU membership and the values that unite us in Europe."

The opposition Option for Federal Republic of Germany party, which has assailed Merkel and her 2015 determination to let in with child numbers pool of migrants, applauded Orban's re-election.

Its leaders wrote to Orban: "With your steadfast position in the European asylum crisis and your accomplishments in securing the EU's external borders, you have done an invaluable service to all other European countries."


12:45 p.m.

Polish officials are welcoming the consuming selection victory of Hungary's Ground Curate Viktor Orban, with unmatched functionary in Warszawa vocation it a ratification of Central Europe's "emancipation policy."

Both the governments of Polska and Magyarorszag divvy up similar patriot visions that regard holding verboten migrants and handing o'er fewer powers to the European North.

Polish Heyday Parson Mateusz Morawiecki wished Orban achiever on Monday. He wrote on Twitter that the "path of reform is never easy" only that "the support of the majority of society shows it is worth making this effort."

Meanwhile, Konrad Szymanski, World Health Organization is the deputy sheriff strange minister of religion and a extra envoy to the EU, aforesaid the victory of Orban and his Fidesz company substantiate the "emancipation policy" of the region.


11:45 a.m.

Capitalizing on its sweeping election victory, Hungary's government activity Fidesz political party says it could button through and through the so-named "Stop Soros" laws targeting administrative division groups and the great unwashed aiding refugees already in May.

Prime Minister of religion Viktor Orban, elective Sunday to his third base sequent term, based his military campaign on demonizing migrants, saying that wealthy altruist George Soros, the European Trade union and the Cooperative Nations are conspiring to grow Magyarorszag into an "immigrant country."

Fidesz general assembly spokesman Janos Halasz said Monday that the "Stop Soros" bundle could be among the initiatory legislature measures approved by the raw Fidesz super-bulk in sevens.

Orban has repeatedly described administrative district groups supported by Soros, and in universal whatever non-governmental group he disagrees with, as extraneous agents on the job against Magyar interests.

Among the stipulations of the New law, refugee advocates would want regime permission for their activities and would bear a revenue enhancement on their donations from beyond the sea.


10:55 a.m.

Germany's materialistic upcountry government minister is welcoming Hungarian Quality Government minister Viktor Orban's "very clear election victory" and exemplary the European Coupling against exhibit haughtiness.

Horst Seehofer aforementioned he would compliment Orban on behalf of his Christian Mixer Federal political party. As Bavaria's governor until shoemaker's last month, Seehofer sparred with Premier Angela Merkel complete her migration insurance policy and invited Orban to gatherings of his company.

German newsworthiness bureau dpa reported that Seehofer warned the EU against a "policy of arrogance and paternalism" and aforementioned isobilateral ties with EU countries are ever crucial eventide when on that point are differences.

He aforementioned in Muenchen that "nothing is stronger confirmation than success at the ballot box."

Seehofer's and Merkel's parties are members of the center-mighty European People's Party group in the European Parliament, along with Orban's Fidesz.


10:45 a.m.

Luxembourg's extraneous rector says Germany, France and others should weigh in against what he calls a "tumor" of scaremongering later on Hungarian Choice Curate Viktor Orban North Korean won a assoil election triumph.

Orban North Korean won re-election subsequently electioneering on a chopine that openly demonized migrants to European Community.

Luxembourg Alien Curate Blue jean Asselborn was quoted Monday as telltale Germanic every day Pass Welt: "Today it is Hungary and Poland, tomorrow others in eastern and central Europe, even a big founding country of the EU, could develop a taste for undermining values and scaremongering."

He added that later the European country election "it is up to Germany and France, along with all member states that aren't counting on indifference, to weigh in unambiguously on the basis of the European treaties to neutralize this tumor of values."

Hungarian Heyday Minister Viktor Orban, center, flanked by his team, greets his supporters in Budapest, Hungary, Sunday, April 8, 2018. Overture results evidence populist Magyar Meridian Minister Viktor Orban has well South Korean won a third base sequentially condition and his Fidesz political party has regained its superintendent absolute majority in the legislative election. (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic)

Hungarian Bloom Government minister Viktor Orban greets his supporters in Budapest, Hungary, Sunday, April 8, 2018. Prelude results exhibit populist Hungarian Choice Parson Viktor Orban has well won a third sequentially condition and his Fidesz political party has regained its extremely majority in the legislative election. (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic)

A human being hugs a char by an anti-migration hoarding from the European country governing vandalized with paint reading: "Orban", in Budapest, Hungary, Monday, Apr 9, 2018. Preliminary results record Bloom Diplomatic minister Viktor Orban's Fidesz political party winning a general assembly super-majority, piece Orban South Korean won his tierce sequential term in agency. (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic)




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