Estudios Académicos en China 2020-2021


In order to promote the mutual understanding, cooperation and exchanges in various fields between China and other countries, the Chinese government has set up a series of scholarship programs to sponsor international students, teachers and scholars to study and conduct research in Chinese universities.

China Scholarship Council (hereinafter referred to as CSC), entrusted by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as MOE), is responsible for the enrollment and the administration of Chinese Government Scholarship programs. Now, 279 designated Chinese universities offer a wide variety of academic programs in Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Economics, Legal Studies, Management, Education, History, Literature, Philosophy, and Fine Arts for scholarship recipients at all levels.


Fuente principal: China

Tipo de beca: Parcial

Fecha de vencimiento: 10/02/2020





-Be a citizen of Uruguay and in good health.

-Be a high School graduate under the age of 25 when applying for undergraduate programs;

-Be a bachelor's degree holder under the age of 35 when applying for master's programs;

-Be a master's degree holder under the age of 40 when applying for master's programs;

-Be under the age of 45 and have completed at least two years of undergraduate study when applying for general scholar programs;

-Be a master's degree holder or an associate professor (or above) under the age of 50 when applying for senior scholar programs;




The Bilateral Program provides both full scholarships and partial scholarships. 1. Full Scholarship covers Tuition waiver. Tuition funds will be comprehensively used by the host university. It may cover scholarship students’ education, administration costs and expenditures to support student activities.

Accommodation: free university dormitory or accommodation subsidy.

If the host university requires students to live on campus, the university will accommodate the scholarship students in a university dormitory (usually a twin room); if the host university permits students to live off campus, the university will provide monthly/quarterly accommodation subsidy Stipend Within the scholarship duration, registered scholarship students will receive a stipend from their host university each month.

Students registering on or before the 15th of the month will receive a full stipend of that month. Those who register after the 15th of the month will receive a half stipend of that month. Graduating students will receive stipend until half month after the graduation date.

If registered student stays out of China for more than 15 days due to a personal reason (school holidays excluded), his stipend will be stopped during his leaving. Comprehensive medical insurance.

(Please visit or and refer to Comprehensive Insurance &Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in China for insurance policy.) 2. Partial scholarship covers One or some items of the full scholarship.


Lugar de postulación y documentación a presentar:



Generally, applicants must fill in and provide the following documents truly, correctly and completely (in duplicate).

1- Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship (in Chinese or English)( nt%20Scholarships)

2- Notarized highest diploma

3- Academic transcripts

4- A study plan or research proposal

5- Recommendation letters

6- Applicants for music studies are requested to submit a CD of the applicants’ own works. Applicants for the fine arts programs must submit a CD of the applicants’ own works (including two sketches, two color paintings and two other works)

7- Applicants under the age of 18 should submit the valid documents of their legal guardians in China.

8- Applicants planning to stay in China for more than 6 months must submit a photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form ( valid for 6 months).

9- Applicants with the Pre-admission Letter/Admission Letter from designated universities should enclose the letter in the application package.

10- Applicants with valid HSK Certificate should enclose the photocopy of it in Torre Ejecutiva - Plaza Independencia 710, piso 7 - C.P. 11100 - Montevideo, Uruguay - Tel: (598 2) 150 Ext. 3421, becas: Ext. 3403/3402  The above documents should be bound on top left corner (in duplicate) in order.No application documents will be returned

11-have sufficient English proficiency which meets the academic requirements of the program. English: IETS 6.0 or above; new TOEFL (score 80) or above. Applying for Chinese lessons: HSK 4 or above . (ESSENTIAL CONDITION)

12- Copy of Passaport Home page: applicant shall submit a clear scanned copy of his/her ordinary oassport with validity later than March 1, 2021.




Además de la documentación solicitada por China Dicha documentación debe presentarse en duplicado y en el orden antes mencionado deberá también presentarse:

- Formulario de becas de AUCI - Decreto 234/86 firmado

- Carta de aval de la institución patrocinante dirigida a AUCI, Directora Ejecutiva Andrea Vignolo,

- Fotocopia de cédula de identidad Toda la documentación tanto la solicitada por AUCI, como el formulario impreso solicitado por china incluyendo la documentación establecida en el "documentation package" (Se solicita a la Embajada de China) deberá presentarse en:

Presidencia de la República, Torre Ejecutiva, Plaza Independencia 710, Oficina 703.- Horario de Lunes a Viernes de: 09 -a 17:00 hrs



Código de Beca: 1953


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Foreigner Physical Examination Form 2
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