AGRO 2015 / FSD5


The 5th International Symposium for
Farming Systems Design

“Multi-functional farming systems in a changing world”

Le Corum conference center, Montpellier, France


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Workshop W4. Farms in transition to organic agriculture or agroecology
Session Chair: Jacques Wery, Montpellier Supagro

This On-Farm Workshop has been organised by AgroSYS chair, in the vineyard farm of one of the companies member of this joint venture, Advini. The vineyard "Domaine du Mas Neuf” (Jeanjean Languedoc / Advini’s Group) is located in Frontignan (25 km south-west of Montpellier). This Domain is singular, surrounded by the sea, the lagoon and ponds; it is occupied by pine trees and a beautiful vineyard of 70 hectares entirely dedicated to the cultivation of small grain Muscat.

Forty scientists from 11 countries attended this on farm workshop. After a presentation of the strategy of the Advini company to develop sustainable systems in its 19 farms across the major French "terroirs", a visit of the farm allowed to discuss how agro-ecological principles can be put into practice in a commercial farm. The afternoon session allowed to share strategies and methods to manage the transition of farm systems towards sustainable intensification in various types of cropping systems and to discuss of the relevance of the organic farming strategy and institution in a trajectory towards a sustainable agro-ecology.


9.00 am: Departure from corum
9.45–10.15: Presentation of the Advini company and its program of sustainable development (Yves Tindon, Advini)
10.15-11.00: Lecture "Preparing and managing the agroecological transition of farms through Organic Farming: the methodology developed with Advini" (Jacques Wery, Montpellier SupAgro)

11.00-12.00: Visit of the Mas Blanc vineyards and winery (Yves Tindon, Advini)

12 am – 1.30 pm: Wine tasting and lunch

2.00 – 5.00 pm: Indoor session: Farms in Transition

2.00: "Farmer's proximity to organic farming in two French cash crop regions: focus on technical practices, commercial strategies and professional networks."
Caroline Petit, AgroParisTech, France

2.15: "A transdisciplinary approach to structure knowledge gathering on organic farm systems: evaluation of organic farm strategies in the case of Flanders."
Fleur Marchand, ILVO, Belgium

2.30: "Co-design of organic farming systems on the Canadian Prairies."
Martin Entz, University of Manitoba, Canada

2.35: "Decision making processes and factors driving apple protection strategies at farm level."
Solene Pissonnier, CIRAD, France

2.40: "Production2020: designing and assessing sustainable farming systems in Switzerland."
Martin Braunschweig, Agroscope, Switzerland

2.45: Discussion: designing and managing farm trajectories, methods and tools, which place for organic farming? Which alternative?

3.10-3.25 Break

3.25: "Projections to Latent Structures (PLS) to evaluate farming system effects on agro-ecosystem services: Changes after transition from conventional to organic farming system."
Libere Nkurunziza, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

3.40: "Characterizing agroecological farming systems by combining the resilience and ESR framework."
Laura Schotte, ILVO, Belgium

3.45: "Modelling Adaptive Decision-Making Of Farmer: An Integrated Economic And Management Model, With An Application To Smallholders In India".
Marion Robert, INRA, France

4.00: "The viability of the agrosystems of small islands: the case of the French West Indies."
Harry Ozier-Lafontaine, INRA, Martinique

4.15: "Agronomic, environmental and social assessment of soil management strategies limiting herbicide application in Mediterranean vineyards, at the catchment scale."
Anne Biarnes, IRD, France

4.30: "Pesticides pressure assessment using TFI (treatment frequency index) at the field, farm and watershed scale."
Magalie Lesueur Jannoyer, CIRAD, Martinique

4.35: "Food production typology of farms: an assessment of periurban farming systems' contribution to local food system (Italy)."
Rosalia Filippini, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy

4.40: Discussion: assessment of farms transitions; methods and tools.

5.00 - 5.45: Way back to Corum


Credit photos: Isabelle Massaï


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