AGRO 2015 / FSD5


The 5th International Symposium for
Farming Systems Design

“Multi-functional farming systems in a changing world”

Le Corum conference center, Montpellier, France


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Workshop W1. Animal-based systems and crop-livestock interactions at farm and territory level
: Charles-Henri Moulin, Montpellier SupAgro

Co-chair: Amandine Lurette, INRA

This On-Farm Workshop was organized by the joint Research Unit on Tropical and Mediterranean Animal Production Systems (UMR SELMET) affiliated to CIRAD, INRA, Montpellier SupAgro.

The workshop took place in the Domaine de Lafage, an INRA experimental station (in Saint-Jean-et-Saint-Paul). Forty-seven scientists have joined the workshop from 14 countries.

During the morning session, the Roquefort cheese production system was presented as well as the evolution of the local agricultural productions along the road from Montpellier to the Aveyron area. This field session was closed by the visit of the Domain with the director and the staff. Highlights were put on several experimental aspects related to the dairy ewe flock and its experimental facilities, and to the meat ewe flock reared full outdoors on the rangeland.

After lunch, the afternoon session chaired by C.-H. Moulin and A. Lurette allowed to share 13 scientific works based on two aspects of farming system design in animal production: the evaluation of the performances of farming systems and the implication of stakeholders in farming system design process.
The workshop organising comittee thanks all the participants for their fruitful interventions.


8.45 am: Departure from Corum to the Domaine de La Fage (INRA) at Roquefort-sur-Soulzon
11.15 - 1:00 pm: Visit of the La Fage experimental station
1.00– 2.00 pm: Lunchtime with the staff working at the station

2.00-3.45: Indoor session "New criteria and methods to assess performances and properties of livestock farming systems"

2.10 - 2.35: "Using the viability theory to assess te trade-offs between production, adaptability and robustness of a grassland agroecosystem" ( pdf file 2.3 Mb)
Rodolphe Sabatier, INRA, France

2.35 - 2.50: "Labour profiles and Electronic Identification (EID) technology: assessing different management approaches on extensive sheep farming systems" ( pdf file 1.6 Mb)
Claire Morgan-Davies, Scotland's Rural College, United Kingdom

2.50 - 3.05: "Bio-economic assessments of the CAP reform and feed self-sufficiency scenarios on dairy farms in Piedmont, Italy" ( pdf file 1.6 Mb)
Dario Sacco, University of Turin, Italy

3.05– 3.20: "Improving the multiple performances of a pastoral system: simulation results against field data" ( pdf file 500 Kb)
Magali Jouven, Montpellier SupAgro, France

3.20– 3.35: "Division of labour in dairy farming - a way to increase income and reduce environmental impact" ( pdf file 5.7 Mb)
Silvia Marton, Agroscope, Switzerland

3.35– 3.40: "Improving Nutrient Use Efficiency By Reconnecting Crops And Livestock"
( pdf file 433 Kb)
Christine Watson, Scotland's Rural College, United Kingdom

3.45 - 3.55: Break

3.55 - 5.00: Indoor session "Multi-stakeholders frameworks to design or redesign Livestock Farming Systems"

3.55– 4.10: "Co-innovation of family farm systems: developing sustainable livestock production systems based on natural grasslands" ( pdf file 4.3 Mb)
Veronica Aguerre, Instituto Nacional de Investigación Agropecuaria, Uruguay

4.10– 4.15: "Production gaps in livestock grazing systems in Sierras del Este, Uruguay: magnitude, causes and strategies to reduce them" ( pdf file 368 Kb)
Ignacio Paparamborda, Instituto Nacional de Investigación Agropecuaria, Uruguay

4.15 - 4.20: "Herbage allowance a management tool for re-design livestock grazing systems: four cases of studies" ( pdf file 6.7 Mb)
Geronimo Cardozo, Instituto Nacional de Investigación Agropecuaria, Uruguay

4.20 - 4.25: "Participatory Design of Livestock Systems: Explore, Experiment, Innovate (case study in Burkina Faso)" ( pdf file 286 Kb)
Barkwendé Jéthro Delma, CIRDES/UPB, Burkina-Faso

4.25 – 4.30: "Redesigning a dairy system based on agroecological principles using a collaborative method" ( pdf file 1.4 Mb)
Sandra Novak, INRA, France

4.30 - 4.45: "Integrating empirical and scientific knowledge to evaluate the transition to a once-a-day milking in dairy ewe farms" ( pdf file 1 Mb)
Amandine Lurette, INRA, France

4.45 - 4.50: "PATUCHEV and REDCap: two additional research and development schemes for high performance and sustainable goat farming" ( pdf file 1.1 Mb)
Hugues Caillat, INRA, France


5.15 - 6.55 : way back to Montpellier (Corum)


Credit photos: Eric Vall (CIRAD)


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