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NEWSLETTER #4 - July 2010



So far, 530 participants are registered which is above our expectations. With 52 countries represented, 80% coming from the Europe, this XIth ESA Congress is the largest one, and we are confident that this will be a great success.

Registrations desk at Corum conference center will be open from Sunday August 29th from 14:00 until 19:00, along with the posters area and the speakers preview room (Joffre 5) to download your presentation. Key-note speakers for the Monday sessions are invited to send their presentation in advance by email to

I invite you to come to register and install your poster download your presentation on Sunday, to avoid rushing on Monday morning, and to attend the welcome reception from 18:00 to 20:00 in the same place.

You are also invited to attend the Public Conference « Mais que font les agronomes ? » from 20:30 to 22:30 at the Rabelais auditorium which is next to Corum. This conference (in French) will mix debates, theater performance and movies.


The proceedings are under printing. They contain 470 papers out of the 510 submitted, after each one has gone through a reviewing process to check the scientific basis and quality of the presentation. It was a hard work to meet the deadline given by the printer. I wish to thank very much the 20 chairpersons and 70 reviewers who helped me in this reviewing process, and my staff here in Montpellier. Please note that the proceedings are quite heavy (about 2kg)… so keep enough room for them I your luggage!

The scientific material contained in the proceedings provides an interesting overview of the current status of agronomic research in Europe and all over the world. According to the number of papers produced in each thematic session, we could identify three major areas well covered by agronomic research:
- Analysis of crops and cropping systems performance in relationship with management and natural resources conservation (session S3.2.2 ).
- Plant and crop physiology in interaction with genetics (sessions S2.1 and S3.1).
- Soil biology and biochemistry in relationships with crop management (especially tillage and crop associations) (session S2.2.2).

Similarly, the following emerging domains of research at the interface of agronomy and other disciplines could be identified:
- Analysis and design of cropping systems at the landscape level (sessions S2.2.1 and S3.3.2).
- Integration of pest and disease, and functional biodiversity in the analysis and design of cropping systems (sessions S2.2.3, S3.1.2 and S3.2.1).
- Integration of the decision making process, at farm and at higher levels, and integration of the policy options into the design process of cropping systems (sessions S3.3.1, S2.3.2, S2.3.3, S3.2.3 and S4).

We could also point out the increasing involvement of agronomy in international efforts towards two of the major challenges for agricultural research in the forthcoming decades:
- Improving food production to meet the requirements of a growing population in a sustainable manner (session S2.3.1).
- Adapting agriculture to climate change. This topic was not identified as a specific session, but treated purposely in 14 sessions: 64 papers deal with the impact of climate change or with methodologies to study the adaptation of agriculture to climate change on a multi-scale basis (especially in sessions S231, S333 and S311).

Agronomy in Montpellier and Avignon - "Les Dossiers d'Agropolis International"

In your bag, you will find also the English version of the last Dossier d'Agropolis International titled "Agronomy - Crops and Cropping systems". It is the latest issue of these thematic directories which provide a synthetic presentation of the research groups of the Agropolis intitutes involved in agronomy. The French version will also be available during the congress at the Agropolis booth. These can be downloaded and browsed from the Agropolis website. Take a chance to have a look before coming so that you can identify groups to meet during the conference for future collaborations.

Download English version >>
Download French version >>


International courses

31 participants from 18 countries are registered for the course “Working with dynamics models in agriculture”. 6 are in waiting list until next week in case of cancellation for visa problems.

15 participants of 9 countries are registered for the course on “Integrated Assessment of Agricultural Systems”.

French candidates will be offered to follow a new session of these two courses in the coming year.


Thanks to Agropolis Fondation, 47 free registrations and 20 free accommodation in the SupAgro students residence have been granted to young scientists (mostly PhD) from 23 countries (mostly from Africa, Asia and Europe).

Field trips

© Parc Naturel Regional de Camargue

We have to cancel the "Olive and Pont du Gard" field trip as we do not reach a sufficient number of participants to be able to confirm the reservations made. If you registered for this field trip, please contact Enjoy registration services, to choose another trip, i.e. the "Wine and St Guilhem" or the "Rice and Camargue Regional Park"* or to participate in the Symposium which takes place in Montpellier SupAgro (S4). If none of these proposals is suitable, you will be reimbursed.

* 14 places for the "Wine and St Guilhem" and 26 for the "Rice and Camargue Regional Park" field trips are still available. Do not miss these opportunities of visiting amazing historical places, sight-seeing typical landscapes of southern France, discovering innovative cropping systems and tasting local gastronomy!


Accompanying persons program

Enjoy registration services cancelled the following tours:

* "Nîmes and Uzes" scheduled on Tuesday August 31st
* " Sète - The Languedocian Venice" scheduled on Wednesday September 1st.

The Montpellier guided tour on Monday August 30 (morning) will be organized.

You can still register for the accompanying person program including the welcome reception and the gala dinner, and choose between the following options: Montpellier guided tour and/or one of the field trips proposed on Thursday September 2nd.


As for the accompanying person program, our travel agency has not enough participants to be able to maintain the bookings for the 2-days post-tour in Carcassone.©

Regarding the "Midi canal and Valmagne Abbey" tour scheduled on
Friday September 3rd, this is still forecasted. For registration, please contact Pascal Evasions.


News of interest

The 5th World Congress of Conservation Agriculture incorporating the 3rd Farming Systems Design Conference is taking place between the 26 and 29 of September 2011 in Brisbane, Australia. A Super Early Bird registration fee (highly reduced) has been introduced for those wishing to register before 31 December 2010.


Looking forward to meeting you soon in Montpellier!






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