Vol 19, No 3 (2015)

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3rd Inter-Regional CIGR Conference on Land and Water Challenges : Tools for developing

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Evapotranspiration and crop

The Importance of Land and Water Engineering and Management for Food Security PDF
L. Pereira 1
Assessment of AquaCrop Model on Potato Crop in Uruguay PDF
F. Montoya, F. Vilaró, C. García 2
Reference Crop Evapotranspiration (ETo) for Irrigation Equipments design in Uruguay PDF
M. García Petillo, L. Puppo 3
Actual Evapotranspiration Measurement Trough Eddy Covariance in Uruguay PDF
A. G. Berger, A. Otero, X. Morales, R. Calistro 4
Estimation of the Water Evaporation Intercepted by an Adult Plantation of Eucalyptus globulus in Uruguay PDF
J. Alonso, L. Silveira 5
Comparison of Different ET0 Formula in Tibetan Pasturing Area PDF
X. Bing, G. Kezhen, L. I. Heping, T. Pengcheng, T. Delong 6
Predicting Malt Barley Yields and Water use in Two Contrasting Rainfall Years to Improve Supplemental Irrigation Schedules Under Water Scarcity Conditions PDF
P. Paredes, G. Rodrigues, M. Cameira, M. Torres, L. S. Pereira 7
Eddy Covariance Estimates of Evapotranspiration in Irrigated and Rainfed Soybean in Uruguay PDF
A. Otero, A. G. Berger, X. Morales, R. Calistro 8
Simulating Maize and Black Bean Yield under Different Water Management Strategies in Southern Brazil PDF
V. S. de Ávila, R. Carlesso, M. T. Petry, L. Basso, R. M. da Rocha 9

Soil management conservation

How Irrigation Affects Soil Erosion Estimates of RUSLE2 PDF
S. Dabney, D. Yoder 12-17
Wheat Fertilization Opportunity (Triticum aestivum L.) with Localized Irrigation PDF
F. A. Rossi, S. J. Barneto, F. Chimenti, C. Defilipis, A. Salinas, L. Borioni, A. Jimenez, R. De Luca 18
Crop Yield and Determination of Kc Tomato Crop (Lycopersicum escultentum Mill.) in Passive and Heated Greenhouse on Northwest of Uruguay PDF
P. Cánepa, C. Saravia, J. Ramos, R. de Souza, N. Blanco, A. Ferreira, J. De los Santos 19
Modelling the Soil Water Balance of Maize under No-tillage and Conventional Tillage Systems in Southern Brazil PDF
M. T. Petry, P. Paredes, L. S. Pereira, R. Carlesso, C. J. Michelon 20
Nitrogen fertilization in Maize under Irrigated and Rainfed Conditions PDF
M. C. Capurro, J. Sawchik 21
Soils Degradation and Kind of Producer for Sustainable Cultivation of Quinoa in the InterSalar of Oruro'S Department, Bolivia PDF
J. E. Cárdenas, O. V. Urquizo, M. I. Cárdenas, R. Fernández, V. Orzag 22
Farm Wastewater Treatment with Microalgae. A Living-lab Experimental Unit PDF
I. M. Duarte, M. P. Amador, S. Dias, T. Vasconcelos, J. M. Gonçalves 23
Phosphorus Runoff in a Non-fertilized Soybean Production System of SW Uruguay PDF
C. Lizarralde, W. Baethgen, M. Cadenazz, C. Capurro, J. Sawchik 24
Soil Use Intensity Effects on Soil Organic Carbon in No-till Crop-pasture Rotations Systems PDF
I. Macedo, G. Cantou, J. A. Terra 25
Water Interception by Crop Mulch Avena strigosa in Irrigated No-Tillage System PDF
M. Rodrigues da Rocha, R. Carlesso, M. T. Petry, L. J. Basso, V. Schons de Ávila 26
Impact of Livestock in Quality of Wastewater for Irrigation PDF
M. P. Amador, R. M. Fernandes, M. C. Prudêncio, I. M. Duarte 27
Soil Organic Sequestration in Irrigations Farm of Black River Valley, Argentina PDF
J. Mendía, D. González Terán, M. Sheridan 28

Basin mangement and land use

Challenges for Sustainable Food Systems in Metropolitan Landscapes PDF
G. J. Carsjens 30-35
Potential Yield of Contrasting Soybean Maturity Groups in Southern Uruguayan Conditions PDF
D. Gaso, M. C. Capurro 36
Irrigation Water Effect In Soybean Crop In Uruguay PDF
A. Otero, F. Montoya, A. Ferreira, P. Canepa 37
Soybean Yield Potential Under Contrasting Maturity Groups, Plant Population and Soil Water Regimes in Eastern Uruguay PDF
S. Riccetto, I. Macedo, D. Gaso, J. A. Terra 38
Soil and Water Conservation Technologies for Implementing Climate Change Adaptation Measures: Local Scale Proposal of Basal Project in Cuba PDF
T. López Seijas, C. Duarte Diaz, B. Calero, E. Cisneros Zayas, J. A. Martinez Cañizares, O. Hernández, N. Pérez, J. L. Pozo, M. Cruz 39
Biochar to Climate Change Adaptation PDF
R. Sonsol Gondim, C. Rodrigues Muniz, M. Chaves Gurgel, R. Nonato de Assis Júnior, C. Levi Anastácio dos Santos 40
The Effect of Biochar with Different Content on Soil Hydraulic Conductivity PDF
Q. Zhongyi, L. Changjian 41
The Modernization of a Large Irrigation Perimeter to Support Rural Sustainable Development - study Case of Matala (South of Angola) PDF
V. A. Silva, J. M. Gonçalves 42
Description and Quantification of Wet Bulbs in Soils with Contrasting Textures with Different Patterns of Water Application under Drip Irrigation PDF
R. Hayashi, P. Morales, L. Puppo 43
Fitting a Numerical Model for the Analysis of the Wet Bulb Dimensions by Drip Irrigation PDF
M. T. Sastre, L. Silveira, P. Pablo Gamazo 44

Water resources and energy

Groundwater Extraction with Minimum Cost. Application to Sprinkler Irrigation Systems for Corn Crop in Spain PDF
J. Sanchez Vizcaino, J. I. Corcoles, M. A. Moreno, J. M. Tarjuelo 46-58
Water Productivity, Irrigation Management and Systematization for Rice Farming Systems in North Region of Uruguay PDF
G. Carracelas, C. Marchesi, A. Lavecchia 59
Irrigation Management and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Uruguayan Rice Production Systems PDF
Ma. C. Capurro, S. Riccetto, S. Tarlera, P. Irisarri, A. Fernandez, G. Cantou, A. Roel 60
Water Productivity, Irrigation Management and Systematization for Rice Farming Systems in Central Region of Uruguay PDF
G. Carracelas, C. Marchesi, A. Lavecchia 61
Hydrological Balance Implementation in Mendoza's Province. Decision Support and Modeling Tool for Integrated Management of Water Resources PDF
J. Álvarez, J. Pina, C. Sánchez, M. Salomón 62
Uniformity Assessment of Irrigation with Centre Pivots in Uruguay PDF
P. Morales, F. García-Prechac, J. M. Tarjuelo, C. García 63
A Model for Developing Reservoir Operation Rules for Irrigation Projects PDF
V. Tinoco, P. Cordero, F. Cisneros, P. Cisneros 64
Modeling Wet Bulb and Soil Moisture Under Drip Irrigation in of the Bolivian Highlands, Through Dimensional Analysis and Multiple Correlation PDF
F. Arragan, R. Chipana 65
Water- and Energy-saving Rice Irrigation Practices in Mississippi PDF
J. H. Massey 66
Modelling Water Flows in the Vadose Zone and Water Table Interactions at Field Scale in the Lower Mondego Valley, Portugal PDF
M. Nunes, J. M. Gonçalves, L. M. P. Jõao de Lima, L. S. Pereira 67
Response to the Suplementary Irrigation of Pasture in Uruguay PDF
A. Bourdin, M. Burgos, G. Moreno, C. García 68
Spatial Variation in the Water Footprint of Corn under Rainfed and Irrigated Conditions in Northeastern Argentina PDF
A. Alvarez, J. A. Morábito, C. Schilardi 69
Irrigation Management Alternatives that Mantain High Productivity While Using Less Water in Uruguayan Rice PDF
S. Riccetto, M. C. Capurro, A. Roel 70
Field Calibration of FDR Sensors -Limitations and Potentialities PDF
C. Schilardi, J. Morábito, L. Martín 71
Effect of Continuous Deficit Irrigation of Soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merril] in a Semi-arid Environment of Argentina PDF
S. Prieto Angueira, D. R. Prieto Garra, G. A. Angella 72
Survey of Uruguayan Freshwater Water Quality for Crop Irrigation PDF
L. Carrasco-Letelier, A. Beretta-Blanco, D. Bassahún, L. García, B. R. Musselli, R. Oten, D. Torres, O. Torres 73

Teledetection and crop

Earth Observation for Monitoring Irrigation Demand PDF
G. D'Urso, F. Vuolo, G. B. Chirico, C. De Michele 76
Remote Sensing for Crop Water Management PDF
A. Calera 77
Estimation of Basal Crop Coefficient Using Remotely Sensed Vegetation Indices for Center Pivot Irrigated Maize in Southern Brazil PDF
C. J. Victoria Bariani, N. M. Victoria Bariani, M. T. Petry, R. Carlesso, V. Schons de Ávila, S. Thais Menegaz, M. Cossetin Antonello 78
Using NDVI Time-series Profiles for Monitoring Corn Plant Phenology of Irrigated Areas in Southern Brazil PDF
J. M. Cassiane, M. Nelson, M. T. Petry, R. Carlesso, D. Silveira Kersten, L. Basso, J. R. Henkes 79
Early Estimate of Wheat Yield in Irrigation District N0 38, Rio Mayo, Sonora, Mexico PDF
E. Palacios-Vélez, Luis A. Palacios-Sánchez, J. L. Espinosa 80
Geographic Information System to Support Irrigation Management Strategies PDF
J. M. Cassiane, M. Nelson, M. T. Petry, R. Carlesso, D. S. Kersten, G. O. Awe 81

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